All The Benefits Of Whey Protein

Published: 10th March 2009
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Whey protein has been very popular among body builders and athletes because it provides the essential amino acids to build muscle mass. At present, it is not only favoured by athletes but also by common individuals who have shifted their priorities in keeping a healthy lifestyle. This diet supplement is also suitable to people of different age groups. Whey protein has been regarded the purest source of dietary protein and contains vitamins and minerals needed in meeting a person's daily nutritional requirements.

Among the many whey protein benefits, whey protein has earned a gold standard in nutrition in terms of its protein content. Its protein is easily absorbed by the body and utilized by the muscles. The daily intake of this food supplement helps in maintaining a lean and well-defined physique without the burden of additional weight gain. More whey protein benefits are the maintenance of a strong immune system and resistance to disease causing microorganisms.

Whey protein is not only composed of protein but it also contains glutathione, a very effective antioxidant agent. Glutathione helps to fight oxidative stress which promotes tumour growth and invasion. For cancer patients undergoing treatment, whey protein food supplements are useful in protecting them against the harmful effects of antineoplastic agents and radiation. Laboratory experiments show that whey protein inhibits the growth of tumours in animal models. Furthermore, the protein content in whey protein supplements helps to prevent the complication called cancer cachexia. These evidences support the possibility of incorporating whey protein in the diets of cancer patients.

Whey protein benefits extend even to infants especially those with low to very low birth weight. In such cases, whey protein is incorporated in artificial milk or infant formula. School children who usually lose their appetite because of the stresses in school are given whey protein food supplements as healthy snacks. For adults who are at the prime of their life, a daily intake of whey protein helps in preventing bone loss and muscle atrophy besides the usual whey protein benefits of increased body energy level. The aging population also requires an increase in the intake of whey protein because older people are at a high risk of falling and acquiring infections and other diseases.

Protein is also important in the renewal of tissues like the skin. Whey protein food supplements contain lactoferrin which has antimicrobial activity. Giving whey protein food supplements to patients who have undergone major surgeries is important for fast wound healing.

The benefits of whey protein are innumerable. Prophylaxis is indeed more cost effective than finding a cure. Good nutrition plus a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, smoking cessation and regulation of alcohol intake all contribute in keeping the body healthy and preventing diseases that contribute to an alarming increase in health care costs.

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