Do Not Overwork Yourself Because It Is Bad For You

Published: 17th April 2009
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One of the reasons that working out too much sabotages your weight gain efforts is that it increases the likelihood of getting frustrated and wanting to quit. When a workout plan takes up too much of your time, it is easy to make excuses for not doing it one day and then the next and the next thing you know, you aren't working out at all. The fitness plan you use must fit into your life to be effective. By making the workouts quick and efficient you are much more likely to stick with the program and achieve your goal of getting huge.

Another reason working out too much increases frustration and leads to drop out is that it is just to exhausting. You want to work a muscle to the point of fatigue, but you should be able to recover quickly. Overdoing it makes it tough to even handle mundane everyday tasks and makes recovery time much too long.

When the workout becomes a dreaded part of your life instead of something enjoyable, it becomes really tough to stick with it. Working out properly will leave you feeling empowered and energized. While you may experience some muscle soreness in the form of delayed onset muscle soreness aka DOMS, this is not debilitating and actually increases your confidence because it is a reminder of the progress you are making.

The last two reasons that working out too much sabotages your muscle/weight gain efforts are described in more detail in Article 9 on "Why your Rest Days are Vital", but briefly they are that working out too much short circuits the muscle repair process and minimizes muscle growth and working out too much increases the metabolism and burns more calories which slows down weight gain.

So to summarize the four reason that working out too much sabotages your weight/muscle gain efforts are:

1. Increased frustration level

2. Decreased energy (exhaustion)

3. Inadequate rest for muscle recovery

4. Increased metabolism and calorie burn

It makes sense to workout smarter, not harder when it increases your chances of sticking with the program and actually makes your workouts more effective, don't you think? This program will help you accomplish your goals without overdoing it and make you far more likely to maintain these great habits and your huge muscles for life!

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